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With M.A.R.R.Y, I wanted to create bridesmaids dresses that are effortless, cool, stunning, feminine and timeless. The dresses are not overly ‘bridal’; they’re created to look amazing at a beautiful wedding, and then to have a life far beyond that one day.

I want these dresses to be something people love forever.

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The idea for M.A.R.R.Y came from planning my own wedding.

I couldn’t find any dresses that I wanted to see my bridesmaids in, and that they’d want to wear again and again. So I designed my own dresses and painted my own unique print.

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I’ve been a textile designer for 15 years.

I’m completely obsessed with prints, colour, textiles. I love clothes - especially clothes that have history and tell a story. And I love dressing up!

I ran Diane Von Furstenburg’s print department in New York for 6 years, and most recently led the design department at Liberty London. Both experiences gave me an amazing appreciation of the longevity a dress or a print can have, and I’ve applied those learnings to M.A.R.R.Y.

Before all of that, I studied for MA in Fashion at Central St Martins, so I understand the need for extraordinary design. In a saturated market I hope my prints and dresses stand out as unique, full of energy and fresh.

All of my bridesmaids have worn their dresses many times since my wedding day, and those dresses are becoming timeless classics in their wardrobes.


I hope you enjoy wearing your M.A.R.R.Y dress many, many times.

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